Vegetarian? True Egg-Free Desserts You Must Eat

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Vegetarian? True Egg-Free Desserts You Must Eat

Are you a dessert fan? Any of the dessert would sound delectable with or without an egg. You no longer have to purchase all the baking ingredients, utensils, baking gloves and bake an eggless dessert at home! With all the alternatives of eggs given, eggless desserts are now easily available in most of the restaurants and eateries for you to purchase. You can easily order an egg-free dessert from the comfort of your house with FoodzFun! 

No matter how full your appetite is, you will not be satisfied if you do not leave some space for a dessert at the end. 

But wait! 

Which desserts are eggless?

Which of those dishes serve as the best one?

No Bake Cheesecake

Are you a fan of cheesecake? Then a fatty and calorie rich cheesecake is the perfect dessert for you to order. You can bring sweetness and richness to the cheesecake with perfect fruit-based toppings. You can also opt out for a savory option with a strong cup of tea or coffee to go with it. It is always a good idea to feel warmth of the drink along with the coolness of the cheesecake simultaneously! 

Eggless Mousse

Nothing can be compared to a mousse with ganache and cream! Its light and airy texture will take you completely by surprise. You further don’t have to worry about sharing your portion as it is served in separated glasses! It sure can be easily made at home in less than half an hour. Refrigerate it for up to four hours before eating and you will be all set to enjoy the lusciousness! 


Nutty brownie can be a chocolate heaven if you are a fan! You can thoroughly enjoy a warm and fudgy brownie with vanilla ice cream melting on top of it, the perfect companions. This fudgy goodness is known to fix any mood! Should you be craving for something chocolatey and frosty, opt out for the mouth-watering brownie to turn your dessert into magic!

Choco Lava Cake

Choco lava cakes can be gourmet and are surprisingly the perfect batch dessert for two. It is a perfect indulgent treat for any occasion and the combination of flourless and a soufflé is what makes it a popular dessert. This dessert definitely has a short shelf life. This dessert isn’t too difficult to find. Search for your nearest café or dessert shop and order your eggless choco lava cake from FoodzFun!

Banana Bread

In love with bananas? This classic banana bread made with over-ripe bananas is often sweet and moist. This is one of the best healthier alternatives for those who are health conscious. With or without eggs, get your taste buds buzzing with the combination of banana bread and vanilla custard. If you want to try some variety, you could even combine some nutella with it. It is not a difficult recipe to mimic if you ever feel like making this dessert at home!

Eggless Cupcake

If you are a hard-core cupcake lover, then these minis are meant for you. You can now eat the perfect eggless cupcake dome made with all-purpose flour, cocoa powder and vanilla essence. You do not have to compromise on the satisfaction of eating cupcakes. You have the option to add your favorite frostings. If you would like to try something new, you could always opt out for nutella, yogurt & fruits, chocolate ganache, cookie dough or whipped cream!

Now-a-days, you always have the option to eat any dessert with or without eggs! Regardless of what your favorite dessert is, desserts are always too delicious. With newly developed FoodzFun, you can easily browse through variety of desserts and order them quickly!

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